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Dog and Cat treats made fresh in the USA

Feeding Treats with Health Benefits

It's hard to resist rewarding your pet with a few treats now and then, especially when they give you that irresistible look that says "It's time for a treat!" And treats are, of course, an essential tool for training and behavior modification. But like people snacks, pet treats come in many varieties and range from natural and healthy to plain old junk food. It's as important to check the ingredients of your pet's treats as it is to analyze what's in their food. At Pampered Paw Gifts we pre-screen the ingredients of all the treats we offer, so you won't find anything unhealthy in our store. We offer USA only homemade, organic and all natural treats.

Functional treats are designed to have health benefits that go beyond a simple snack. They usually have special ingredients to help with certain health conditions, such as glucosamine for hip and joint flexibility, breath freshening flavors and crunchy texture for dental hygiene, or even herbs to help with relaxation. You will find we have an excellent selection of functional treats. Please take a moment to browse through them and see if you can find something appropriate for your pet. If you're going to be feeding treats to your loved ones, they might as well be healthy and functional!

Here are just a few of our goodies. Click the picture to view your selection:
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