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T-Shirts and Dresses For Dogs


Dresses & Tees for Doggies

All of our dresses are a sleeveless style, poly/cotton blend for durability (cotton alone does not seem to hold it's shape as well as our current blend). They can be machine washed but we recommend they be washed inside-out and air dried. Dresses are in red or pink only.

All of our Shirts are 50% cotton 50% Poly, it is washable and will not shrink! Made in the USA!

Check out my little cutie Sweetpea in her Miso Cute tee shirt. We saved this little girl from an abusive home. Your sales help us care for animals in need all over the USA.

my girl sweetpea chihuahuamy girl sweetpea chihuahuamy girl sweetpea chihuahua

A1cutie patootie Dog Dress
A2Spoiled rotten Dog Dress
A3cutie patootie Dog Dress
A4aberdoggie and fetch ny Dog Dress
A7prince dog shirt
A8princess dog shirt
A9skull dog shirt
A10skull girl with bow dog shirt
A11dog shirt
A12miso cute dog shirt
A15miso cute dog shirt
A16miso cute dog shirt
A17Love is a Four Legged Word dog shirt
A18Like a Boss dog shirt
A19Rhinstones Sparklymiso cute dog shirt
A20miso cute dog shirt
A21miso cute dog shirt
A22miso cute dog shirt
A23pawprint dog shirt
A24Argyle Heart Purple dog shirt
A25Argyle Heart Pink dog shirt
A26Rhinstones Sparklymiso cute dog shirt
A27i ride the short bus dog shirt
A28Rhinstones Sparklyi really did eat the homework dog shirt
A29Rhinstones Sparklymiso cute dog shirt
A30Rhinstones Sparklymiso cute dog shirt
A31Rhinstones Sparklymiso cute dog shirt
A32Rhinstones Sparklynerd is the word dog dress
A33Rhinstones Sparklypawprint dog shirt
A34Rhinstones Sparklydog bone shirt
A35pawprint dog shirt
A36pawprint dog shirt
Dog Shirt
Dog Shirt
Measure Well These Are Not Returnable Nor Exchangeable. If you choose a color not available for that item as shown in the item images above, you will get red for the birthday girl dress, grey for the miso cute shirt and black for all remaining designs.

Ships in 4-7 Days
Express Shipping will not be available for these items
Dog Designer Tees & Dresses- $16.50 SALE $14.50

Select Design by letter:

Choose Color Options Shown in Item Image:

Size (Measure from base of neck to base of tail for a proper fit.):

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