Happy Easter Gift Basket – Dog Treats Organic All Natural Gourmet Vegetarian

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We are proud to feature Shorty’s Gourmet Treats.

This gift basket is a must-have for any new member of the family! What’s better than treating your lovable baby to a basket full of delicious treats! It will truly make your pet feel special and have their own special Easter treat!

These doggie gift baskets come packed with my handmade organic pet treats- so as always, they’re a delicious yet healthy treat for your furry friend!

This particular “Happy Easter” basket comes packed with:

♥ 1/2 dozen Banana Easter Paw-rade Bunnies
♥ 1/2 dozen Large Carob Bunnies
♥ 1/2 dozen Large Decorated Eggs
♥ 1/2 dozen K-9 Karrots
♥ 1 dozen assorted mini eggs

As with all Shorty’s Gourmet Treats, these treats do not deter from our all natural and organic policy.

♥NO Salt
♥NO Soy
♥NO Sugar
♥NO Artificial Colors
♥NO Artificial Flavors
♥NO Byproducts
♥NO Preservatives

Inside these gift baskets, all the treats will come vacuum sealed for freshness.


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