4 Creative Ways You & Your Dog Can Get Fit

Getting outside and having fun with your beloved pooch is a great idea. You’ll both enjoy some healthy exercise, an increased level of fitness, a decreased waist line and most importantly you two will be able to make the most of your time together. But, instead of performing the same old exercises or activities over and over again, why not spice things up? Keep reading as we hope to unravel and open your mind to the many different and exciting ways you can get fit with your favorite pet.

Attend a Dog/Owner Fitness Class

Some communities have exercise classes where dogs and their owners get together and exercise. One example is a dog boot camp, whereby dogs and owners are led through exercises which are fun for both to do. While every community may not have these classes, plenty of them do these days and they are a really fun way to socialize with other dog owners, as you work out alongside your pet.

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Tips on Getting Active & Exercising More With Your Dog

Especially in the warmer months, sometimes it’s difficult to get more active and exercise with our dogs due to the extreme heat. But becoming overweight or obese is a growing problem for many of today’s pets and sometimes their owners may follow suit. Animals gaining too much weight face the same type of health risks as their human counterparts, so it’s best for all of us if we can stay active and get more exercise.

Often when we think of exercising with our four-legged friend, we may imagine the traditional dog walk, which is always a good method, but there’s plenty of other ways we can get active with our animals. Here’s some tips on some more unusual methods of staying active with them:
Dog Diving Off Dock

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