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Do you have a pet business & need help getting your products in the spot light?

Do you have a pet business & need help getting your products in the spot light?

We will test your products out.

We will send you a cute video montage of them enjoying your products. And post the review on our Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and Google +. If they love it, we may offer to feature your product(s) on Pampered Paw Gifts.Com and email you a seal of approval banner to proudly display!

If sending treats must be all natural, no rawhide products.

Mail your items with TRACKING via USPS cheapest, 2nd cheapest is UPS (A must to have tracking- If it doesn't get to us, this will show it is NOT our Fault)

Email us for the address.

If you have a soundtrack (that you legally own) that you prefer in the background, email it to pamperedpawgifts at If there is a logo you would like included in the video email it to pamperedpawgifts at

Also if you have a website, FB ect,write us a note and include it in the package for us to mention it on your video and on our Youtube, FB, Twitter and Google +.

2012 Reviews

Natural Way Organics Organic Pet Shampoo by Natural Way Organics

Reviewed by: Liebchen and Munchkin

Natural Way Organics Organic Pet Shampoo is made with a special blend of coconut, olive and jojoba organic oils together with essential oils. This amazing Pet Shampoo was made with your pet's health and feel in mind and is great for sensitive pets. The natural essential oil blend also helps to repel fleas and ticks without poisoning your pet.

Liebchen and Munchkin were in need of a bath! Now I have piece of mind that they will be soft shiny and clean without chemicals! And Natural Way Organics are not just promoting going green they give green as well they give 10% of their profits to chairty.

We are proud to give Natural Way Organics Organic Pet Shampoo our Seal of Approval! But don't just take our word for it, try it for your fur babies! They also have pawsome stuff for people too! With Free shipping over $20 and only $2.99 if ya don't spend $20, you can't go wrong.

2015 Reviews

Fur Catcher Pro by Pets Can Play


Reviewed by: Lily


The Pets Can Play 2-in-1 DeShedding and 2-Row Rake Tool is a multifunction professional pet grooming tool amazingly effective in removing undercoat and loose, coarse hair before it becomes matted. Having a DeShedding and Rake Tool is an excellent combination for loosening up the coat to remove any undercoat hair and prevent excessive shedding anywhere you pet plays Use this grooming tool daily for the best results and for a very happy pet!

Pets (both dogs and cats) LOVE IT when you carefully groom them! They enjoy the interaction and it is almost a bonding effect for both pets and pet parents! Not only that but grooming increases blood circulation and stimulates a healthier and shinier coat. Perfect for use on long, medium and short haired dogs and cats!

Pets Can Play 2-in-1 Grooming Tool Features: Multi-functional Pet Grooming tool is SO EASY TO USE! Blade and pins are made of high quality, stainless steel construction

Wide Edge Carding Tool: When using the carding tool side you gently comb through your pets coat. You will start to loosen up and pull out the undercoat leaving the topcoat. Cover more area as you brush allowing you to remove more fur in less time and effort!

2 Row Rake Tool: With softer pressure use the rake tool to pull out any deeper, additional undercoat. Rake tool also helps detect any additional mattes and tangled hair.

Flex-Neck Brush Head: Contours the body as you brush (additional comfort and enjoyment for your pet)

Comfortable Ergonomic Non-Slip ABS handle: Provides a more firm grip to prevent slipping while combing. Stainless Steel Blades / Rake Pin on The Fur Catcher Are Covered By Our LIFETIME Guarantee!

Lily the ragdoll from reviewed Pets Can Play Fur Catcher Pro.

Lily looks amazing! The handle is easy to hold and was easy to use! I have never got so much fur from her before.

You can buy one for your dog or cat here:




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