Laineys Lil Gourmet Custom Cat Cakes Single Layer


These are special order cakes designed for clients and we loved them so much we are now offering them to you! The details in these still make us smile. Cake made of carob, molasses and a custom blend of kitty Nip, Mint and Parsley, which are homegrown in season. In the middle is kitty nip treat (will vary it is my bakers choice she is a true artist)

If you want the age included or a different color icing other than white for the decorations on the cake just write it in the notes section on the checkout page.

Choose from lots of colors: Purples, Blues, Pinks, Greens, Yellows or Reds. Let us custom design a super cute birthday cake for your cat party! Remember it is a treat so give just a little bit and save the rest for multiple days in a airtight container in the frig.

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Reds, Pinks, Blues, Greens, Purples, Yellows


Happy Birthday, Happy Gotcha Day, Happy Cataversary, Happy Easter


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