The Pit Bull Story That Touched Our Heart

Pit bulls often get a bad rap, with the media often portraying them as a vicious bully breed capable of mauling innocent individuals. Yes, they are strong, but they aren’t inherently mean, despite what some may say.

Aggressive behavior is not a starting point, but the consequence of different factors. Many are trained for some really horrible things, like dog fighting, whereas others are just not trained properly.

Despite the common belief these dogs are mean, many pit bulls are sensitive, gentle, loyal and devoted dogs.

Don’t believe me? Here is one of the best Pit Bull stories that have touched our hearts.

Merit and Boy With Down Syndrome and Autism Form a Special Bond

Last year, Merit, a male Pit Bull, was found in very poor condition at Grant Park in Chicago. In fact, people who found him thought he was dead. Once they realized, he was still breathing, they took him to the nearest hospital. Vets were fighting for his life, as the X-rays showed he had a tummy full of rocks and sticks and had approximately 50 ticks in his ear. Fortunately, Merit recovered completely. However, Merit’s emotional scars remained. Merit wasn’t a typical dog, rather aloof, not understanding how to act like a pup. He didn’t know how to play with toys, was extremely sensitive and was more of a loner. Not an ideal candidate for a family.

Nonetheless, volunteers from the rescue that took him in decided to put him on the adoption list. Very soon, a woman contacted the organization about Merit. The candidates was a single mom, who wanted a new pet for her 10-year-old son, who Down syndrome and diagnosed with Autism at 6. He was not talking at all and felt very uncomfortable among other people but doctors said he needed to interact with others, as it was crucial for the boy’s further development. Having a pet dog seemed like an ideal solution.

Everyone waited to see how the boy would react to the new guest. And the moment of truth came very soon.

After Merit stepped through the door, he walked right to the boy and sat next to him. The boy was not surprised at all. He gently stroked Merit’s head, gave him a big kiss on the head and looked at him as if the dog had always been there. Finally, he put his hands around the Pit Bull. Everyone knew it was love at first sight.

The two formed a special bond and Merit finally found a loving forever home that was perfect for him and someone who loved him for him. Lonely days from Chicago’s park were a distant nightmare.

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