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New Puppy Gifts


Personalized Bear Dog Toy with Squeaker or Crinkle

CUTE! Round toy with cute bear face in pink or blue! Choose squeaker or crinkle! Name embroidered on back.

Letters are bold and easy to read. Can embroider up to 8 letters. Name will be same color as bear face.

Soft material. Good for all dogs, especially ones with small mouths. Safe for dogs with problem teeth or no teeth.

Lots of noise for lots of fun! Squeaker toy has one large squeaker in middle surrounded by poly-fil. Crinkle toy has only crinkle paper throughout toy. Ears and hands on both toys will have crinkle paper inside.

Personalized Bear Dog Toy with Squeaker or Crinkle - Pink or BluePersonalized Bear Dog Toy with Squeaker or Crinkle - Pink or Blue

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Personalized Bear Dog Toy with Squeaker or Crinkle - $15.95



Select Color:

Dog's Name (8 letters max) :

Puppy Love Dog Toy

Great gift for that special dog or for a new puppy or ADOPTED/RESCUED Family Member! Great size for toy breeds and small dogs 5-6 pounds and under. Made with quality fleece, batting, poly embroidery threads Machine embroidered, hand stuffed & finished.

Approximate size is 3 inches High X 4 inches Wide.

Yappy Valentines Day Dog ToyYappy Valentines Day Dog Toy

Ships in 4-7 Days
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Puppy Love Dog Toy - $11.00



Heart Fabric Color:



Home Sweet Home Gift Box Shorty's Gourmet Organic Vegan Treats

This is a must-have for any beloved furry member of the family or a lovely gift to welcome a new member into the family!

These gourmet cookie boxes come packed with my handmade organic pet treats so as always, they're a delicious yet healthy treat for your furry friend!

This cookie box comes packed with 3 dozen assorted cookies!

The box is super cute as well! It's cute and looks like a window into a home complete with a flower box on the bottom of the window!

As with all Shorty's Gourmet Treats, these treats do not deter from our all natural and organic policy.

NO Salt

NO Corn

NO Sugar

NO Artificial Colors

NO Artificial Flavors

NO Byproducts

NO Preservatives

Some of the flavors included will be:

Carob Apple Cinnamon



Sweet Potato

Peanut Butter


Home Sweet Home Gift Box


Ships in 4-7 days
Express Shipping is not available for this item
Home Sweet Home Gift Box- $14.50


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