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Donations To Help Pets In Need


We help to support many rescue organizations by providing some of their vital information and links right here on our web site! If you are a rescue/animal welfare organization and would like to be included on our community corner page, please send us an e-mail.

We think every doggie and kitty cat should get a gift, so we keep our prices pretty close to our cost. It is our idea that with excellent service and customers' re-orders and telling others about us, that we will grow slowly but in the right way. As we grow we put a lot back into the local and national rescue groups that need our help so much! They do so much with so little.

I just wanted to thank you so very much for your generous donations to the Adopt '08 contest! I cannot tell you how much Dickens (and TJ too) LOVE everything. The cookies are beautiful and smell delicious! It took me many many tries to get a photo for you as they kept eating everything too quickly! BOL! Thank you for the aditional pressies in the package as well ~ we love the book, the additional treats and everything was so beautifully packaged and presented! You are wonderful!

XOXOXO,Ellen, Dickens & TJ

Donate Cat Scratchers to Shelter Cats

Give a wonderful gift to cats in need! These extremely affordable scratching pads fit comfortably within the smallest shelter cage. Sizes, shapes and prints will vary. Some units will arrive with colored labels; others may feature natural cardboard surfaces. We will send 15-20 cat scratchers to the shelter of your choice.

To keep Scratch 'n Bits affordable, please allow us to pick and choose the assortment. Sizes vary, but will be less than or equal to 7" in length, 9" in width and 4" in height.

Picture shown is a sample of possible product assortment. Product shipped may vary from selection shown.

***Please list the ship to address as the shelter you would like us to ship to.***

Donate Cat Scratchers to Shelter CatsDonate Cat Scratchers to Shelter Cats
Ships in 4-8 Days
Express Shipping is not available for this item.
Donate Cat Scratchers to Shelter Cats-$36.50


Donation 36pc Catnip Toy Grab Bag to Shelter Cats

Give a wonderful gift to cats in need! This toy set includes 12 catnip balls, 12 catnip mice and 12 catnip fish for a total of 36 toys.

***Please list the ship to address as the shelter you would like us to ship to.***

Donation 36pc Catnip Toy Grab Bag to Shelter Cats
Ships in 4-8 Days
Express Shipping is not available for this item.
Donation 36pc Catnip Toy Grab Bag to Shelter Cats-$30.00


Precious Paws

Give your pooch or kitty a very nice gift because they are so precious. This gift is great for any occassion, birthday, thank you or get well. We will use themed stickers and wrap based on the occassion.

We filled this beautiful decorative bag accented with a doggie or kitty with 2 fun toys, 1 cute bandana, and 1 decorative bag of of yummy treats.

We were proud to donate 250 of these adorable bags and a $25 gift certificate for the Tails of the Tundra Siberian Husky Rescue 6th annual Tails on the Trails event. In honor of this great rescue group.

We are donating 10% of the purchase price to Tails of the Tundra Siberian Husky Rescue.

Precious PawsPrecious Paws
Precious Paws

Akemi, modeling with our donation gift for the Survival Outreach Sanctuary Annual BBQ Fundraiser.

Precious PawsPrecious Paws

Ships in 4-7 Days NOT AVAILABLE Until July 15th
Express Shipping is available for this item.
Precious Paws-$25.50




Pink Ribbon Dog Shirt

$5.00 of this shirt go to The National Canine Cancer Foundation. Science is closer now than ever to finding a cure for Canine Cancer. Your donation will make a dramatic impact as the National Canine Cancer Foundation helps to move life altering research out of the lab into clinical trials and finally into a cure, more effect treatment or new diagnostic method for finding cancer in our beloved dogs.

Pink Ribbon Fundraiser

Shirt is 50% cotton 50% Poly, is washable and will not shrink! Made in the USA!

Pink Ribbon Fundraiser

Shirt is available in the following colors and sizes:

Pink Ribbon Fundraiser

Orders are usually manufactured as they arrive. Occassionally we will carry enough in stock to fulfill an order, especially with our best selling products. If the order needs to be manufactured, our lead time will be 2 weeks until shipment..

Pink Ribbon Dog Shirt-$15.00 SALE $12.50



Laineys Believe Cookie Bucket PLAIN PINK Bucket

This is a Beautiful way to show support for Canine Breast Cancer! By purchasing Laineys Believe Cookie Bucket you are donating to a great cause. This pink bucket is filled with 8 Large Breast Cancer Ribbon Cookies and 25 Little bone Breast Cancer cookies PLUS a Believe Pin for your human!

Even our 4 legged babies get Breast Cancer....So what better way to Honor those who have Beaten Canine Breast Cancer and also In Memory of those who have not! I Honor one life from each!

These Cookies are our Milk flavor cookie. I marbled the dough to give it a pretty look for half & the other half are just pink! Than I dunked them in our frosting and than drizzled more on top!

PLEASE NOTE: Despite my best efforts in packaging, I can NOT guarantee that you will not have some damage. I will continue to make every effort possible to package these items carefully so that they will arrive safely.

Laineys Believe Cookie Bucket PLAIN PINK Bucket

Nutrition: I use Virgin organic coconut oil OR grapeseed oil. it's recommended that you seek advice from your veterinarian as to what food/ingredients are appropriate for your dog.

I will Donate 5% of all sales to a Charity of the Month.

Ships in 4-10 Days
Express Shipping is not available for this item
Laineys Believe Cookie Bucket PLAIN PINK Bucket-$20.00


Any gift made is graciously accepted and makes our tails wag!

Do you know what dogs & cats love more than anything? CASH! Ok, maybe cash isn't a cat or dog's favorite thing, but it sure is necessary to keep shelters, foster families, multi rescue adopters and rescue groups running and to save more deserving kity and doggie lives!

Every dollar donated goes directly to helping the dogs, whether it is veterinary care, food, heartworm and flea prevention, medications and other bare necessities.

Donations To Help Pets In NeedDonations To Help Pets In Need

You may donate by selecting the amount & rescue group below:



Select Group:

Donation Donation

Please if you are able to foster, adopt, donate time what ever please consider doing so for this great rescue! You can even be a virtual foster!

Dal Love Bandana

Each year we will feature and donate the profits to a different rescue group. This year we are honored to raise funds for the Dalmatian Rescue of Tampa Bay.

Dal Love Bandana

Made of 100% cotton, designed and screen-printed in the USA and machine washable.


Our bandanas are 100% cotton and machine washable. Simply machine wash and then iron (when still wet) on the back of the bandana (opposite side of printed side). And your bandana will look as good as new! One Size Fits Most (22x22x30 inches)

Dal Love BandanaDal Love Bandana

So honored that a local celeb Mr. Bill Logan's (TAMPA - Accu-Weather reporter) doggie helped us with funds for this great rescue group, his sweet dal was sporting our bandana bought through our website. You can help too and buy a bandana for your dal.

Dal Love Bandana

Of course we do have a soft "SPOT" in our heart for Dalmatians since one of our kids is DalChi mix. Dal Love Bandana
Liebchen Rene

Ships in 4-7 Days
Express Shipping is available for this item.
Dal Love Bandana- $8.00


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