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Mothers Day Gifts For Moms & Dogs

I Love Mom Clothing For Dogs

All of our Shirts are 50% cotton 50% Poly, it is washable and will not shrink! Made in the USA!

Measure Well These Are Not Returnable Nor Exchangeable.If you choose a color not available for that item as shown in the item images below, you will get black.


Small is a 14" x 14" square that is easily folded in half to create the triangle look needed. Roll the bandana until the desired length down the back has been achieved, then tie around the dog's neck.

Large is a 22" x 22" x 31" pre cut triangle. While this size will fit most breeds of dogs, we recommend rolling the bandana to the desired look before tying around the pet's neck. Our designs are placed in the lower corner to allow for this.

Dog Shirt
A1I Love Mom Clothing and Bandanas For Dogs
A2 I Love Mom Clothing and Bandanas For Dogs
Ships in 4-7 Days
Express Shipping is not available for this item.
I Love Mom Clothing For Dogs-$12.5) (tee) $6.50 (bandana)


Choose Color Options Shown in Item Image:

Size (Measure from base of neck to base of tail for a proper fit.):

Select Design by letter:

I Love My Fur Mom Gift Basket

Treat your fur mom to a luxury gift basket.

Looking for the perfect yet affordable pretty organic soap gift basket? This is for you! This Simply Lovely gift basket is just simple enough, yet still packed with lots of wonderful smelling goodies! This cute gift basket includes one 4oz Berrie Smoothie soap bar, one 3oz Lavender Fields soap heart favor, one each 1oz Orchard Peach & Lemon Poppy soap mini heart favors and one organic lavender herb sachet. The recipient will agree, this is a Simply Lovely gift basket! All our gift baskets will be shipped with a burlap cover and jute ribbon. Just like an old fashioned apple pie! These truly are handmade soaps! No two bars will be identical!

Soap Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Safflower Seed Oil, Shea Butter, glycerin, fresh honey, purified water, *sodium hydroxide, sorbitol, Sorbitan oleate, oat protein, essential or fragrance oil and mica. *Please note that when soap is made by natural methods, you MUST use sodium hydroxide. There just isn't really any other way to make a "soap." Once the bars have been made, sodium hydroxide is no longer found in them, due to the reaction it made with the oils to create "soap." About

My Soaps: My soaps are composed of 100% all natural and vegan friendly ingredients which are completely biodegradable and safe for all skin types. All ingredients are hypoallergenic and vegetable-based, and do not include parabens or SLS. Any fragrance oils used to enhance any of my soaps are skin safe and phthalate-free, and all colorants used are FDA certified safe for cosmetic, bath and skincare use. Of course as with all skincare products, discontinue use if you experience any irritation.

A note about soap sweat: My all natural ingredient soaps do not contain chemicals that keep them from sweating, so it is completely normal for soap to sweat or produce “soap crystals.” Sweating depends on the level of moisture (humidity) in the air where you live. Your soap comes sealed to protect it from the elements so that you can keep it on display until you’re ready to use it, though soap crystals can form on the bar within the packaging as the temperature outside fluctuates. The sweat you may experience where you live is natural for all natural soap and does not affect the quality or usability in any way; it is completely normal and safe! You can help reduce sweating by keeping your soap wrapped until use, and then keeping it as dry as possible when it’s not in use.

I Love My Fur Mom Gift Basket
Ships in 4-7 Days
Express Shipping is not available for this item.
I Love My Fur Mom Gift Basket- $27.50


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