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Adorable Pet Plaques

These full color, laminated plastic signs are perfect decor for your home, office or garden!

Don't see your fave breed? Email us we have it.

11" w x 5" h

Weather resistent

Laminated styrene plastic Includes hanging cord

Adorable Pet PlaquesAdorable Pet Plaques

A1Adorable Pet Plaques
A2Adorable Pet Plaques
A3Adorable Pet Plaques
A4Adorable Pet Plaques
A5Adorable Pet Plaques
A6Adorable Pet Plaques
A7Adorable Pet Plaques
A8Adorable Pet Plaques
A9Adorable Pet Plaques
A10Adorable Pet Plaques
A11Adorable Pet Plaques
A12Adorable Pet Plaques
A13Adorable Pet Plaques
A14Adorable Pet Plaques
A15Adorable Pet Plaques
A16Adorable Pet Plaques
A17Adorable Pet Plaques
A18Adorable Pet Plaques
A19Adorable Pet Plaques
A20Adorable Pet Plaques
A21Adorable Pet Plaques
A22Adorable Pet Plaques
Ships in 4-7 Days
Express Shipping is not Available
Adorable Pet Plaque-$12.50


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Adorable Hardwood Dog Plaques

All plaques are printed on hardwoods that are harvested from plantations. From design creation, to cutting the wood to size; from printing to packaging and having each plaque delivered from our home to your door, every plaque is a labor of love.

They are perfect gifts for yourself, your friends and your family.

Our family wants you to have a giggle wherever you go. Our mission is make you smile and create a little happiness in your life.

Included with your plaque is a low tack adhesive pad that will enable you to display your plaque without having to use a nail or hammer. Some designs will be trimmed in white to enhance color!

Length: 8 inches Height: 4 inches

Adorable Dog Plaque

A1Adorable Dog Plaque
A2Adorable Dog Plaque
A3Adorable Dog Plaque
A4Adorable Dog Plaque
A5Adorable Dog Plaque
A6Adorable Dog Plaque
A7Adorable Dog Plaque
A8Adorable Dog Plaque
A9Adorable Dog Plaque
A10Adorable Dog Plaque
A11Adorable Dog Plaque
A12Adorable Dog Plaque
A13Adorable Dog Plaque
A14Adorable Dog Plaque
A15Adorable Dog Plaque
A16Adorable Dog Plaque
A17Adorable Dog Plaque
A18Adorable Dog Plaque
A19Adorable Dog Plaque
A20Adorable Dog Plaque
A21Adorable Dog Plaque
A22Adorable Dog Plaque
Ships in 4-7 Days
Express Shipping is not Available
Adorable Dog Plaque-$8.00


Select Design by letter:

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