Chasing a Better Night’s Sleep for You and Your Dog

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If you or your dog are having difficulty sleeping, join the club. Studies show that 45% of Americans are affected by poor sleep quality, for despite generally sleeping the recommended hours per night, we often do not feel refreshed or energetic when we wake up. If your dog sleeps in the same room as you, he, too, can be affected. Dogs are incredibly in tune with their owners, and the slightest movement can result in Fido getting up to see what’s up or change position to a more comfortable part of the bed. Studies have shown that one way to improve sleep for both, is for your pooch to sleep in his own bed. This article runs through this and other tips for top quality zzzs for you and your dogs.

Co-Sleeping with Your Pooch

Mayo Clinic has carried out numerous studies on the way Fido can affect our sleep, discovering that humans sleep better when dogs are near (i.e. when he sleeps in the same room as we do). Researchers believe that the reasons are twofold: we tend to feel safer (especially when our spouses are out of town or we are otherwise alone) in the company of our dog. Secondly, dogs provide warmth, affection, and companionship. Many dog owners feel that their pet are an invaluable source of unconditional love.

Dogs Should Have their Own Bed

The Mayo Clinic research also indicated that when dogs sleep in the same bed as their owners, sleep quality was reduced, primarily because dogs frequently snored, whimpered or moved in the bed. If you are used to sleeping with Fido in the bed you may be reticent to change (and he will probably resist at first), but the improvement in your health and wellbeing is well worth investing in a good bed for your four-pawed friend.

Bear in mind that poor sleep is linked to a host of conditions, including obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and neurological and mental health problems, to mention just a few. Your pooch will also benefit for uninterrupted sleep, especially if for some reason he is more tense or stressed out than normal.

The Importance of Exercise

One of the leading causes of insomnia in dogs, is a lack of exercise. High-energy dogs need a good daily workout, but all dogs should enjoy at least one long, leisurely walk a day. According to the National Sleep Foundation, human insomnia can also be improved through exercise, especially moderate-intensity aerobics. Thus, to achieve benefits for both, try to make your daily walk a brisk one, giving your pooch a bit of free time for play as well.

Obtaining a good night’s sleep is related to various factors, including your activity level and sleeping arrangements. If you love snoozing in the same room as your pooch, by all means continue to do so, ensuring he has a soft, cosy bed of his own to rest in. Both you and he will wake up in a happier mood, with plenty of energy to be your best selves, all day long.

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