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Design My Gift


design my giftdesign my giftdesign my giftdesign my gift
design my giftdesign my giftdesign my gift

If your gift is needed within 3 or 5 days, please note custom personalized printed items or asking for specific toys or treats take up to 3 weeks, so we will not be able to have it ready to ship in 3-5 days but will ship asap.

For baskets needed in 3 days we will charge you the express ship fee of ($39.00).

Custom printed items are only available in a gift basket of $75 and up.

Custom printed item examples: Toy Boxes, Blankets, Squeaky Bone Toys.....



Gift Price:(the more you spend the grander the gift will be)

Date Needed In:

Custom Printed Items (Only for gifts $75 or more & date needed in 3 weeks):


Color Scheme:

Salutation (Theme):

Pet's Name :

Pet's Name :

Pet's Name :

Details: Dog/Cat, breed, treat allergies, likes plush toys etc

Gift note :

We'll take care of the rest. Our creative crew will build the perfect gift just for your fur baby!

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