Grain Free Dog Food Brands | Putting Your Dog on a Diet

Chihuahua Eating FoodIs your dog overweight or having digestive problems? What about dry skin, greasy coats, skin rashes, itching, biting, and general irritation? Health problems like these can have many different causes and origins; every dog is different. However, a large bulk of these cases can be traced back to poor nutrition, which is an easy problem to fix. Feeding your dog a wholesome diet is good for his or her health in the long run and can dramatically reduce the risk of future health problems. With all of the good grain free dog food brands offerings available on the market today, good dog nutrition is easier than ever.

Many dogs receive poor nutrition every day due to an unsatisfactory diet, which is largely caused by commercial dog foods that are formulated for economic reasons as opposed to actually benefiting the dog’s health. Poor nutrition can cause a host of long term and short term health problems in dogs young and old. If you aren’t already feeding your dog a meat-based, grain-free diet, you should seriously consider looking into grain free dog food brands.

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Why All Cats Should Be Indoor Cats

Cat Looking Out WindowWhen it really comes down to it, are you truly invested in your cat’s health and wellbeing? Many who allow their feline friends to roam the neighborhood, countryside or, worse, city may think they are giving their kitty the opportunity to exercise her instincts, get exercise and have fun. What if you were actually putting your cat in danger? One night she just may not make it back home.

Exercise, Or Safety?

Sure, your cat just may be getting exercise while out and about. She may be hunting small animals, chasing butterflies and saying hi to the neighbor’s cat in a friendly way. However, the reality is that she is running from danger, getting into toxic substances, and quite possibly fighting for her life every time you open that door.

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The Importance of Heartworm Prevention in Dogs and Cats

Cute Dog with Heart Shaped ToyAn ounce of prevention really can save your pet’s life when it comes to this parasite. The heartworm is one diagnosis no pet owner wants to hear, and far too many dogs in shelters and rescues are suffering from. Not only is it an incredibly dangerous organism that causes serious damage to your dog or cat’s body, but it is also preventable.

Heartworms are transmitted through mosquito bites. The mosquito can bite one infected animal then bite your pet, thus infected them, too. Your pet can be tested for heartworms through a regular blood test. Your dog or cat just gets a small amount of blood taken by a veterinarian and tested for heartworm larvae. These tiny worms live in the animal’s blood stream until they mature. As adults, they travel to the heart which is when the problem becomes more complicated.

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Health Issues Associated with Certain Breeds of Dogs

Yorkshire Terrier With Bow in HairWhen you picture your favorite breed of dog, a healthy and ideal conformation probably comes to mind. However, whether you are researching dogs to find the right breed for your lifestyle or learning about the dog you currently have it is important to know, recognize and be able to understand the genetic predisposition that some breeds have to both potentially major and insignificant health issues.

Small Breeds

From purse pets to pest control workers, the small breeds are loved as well. In many of the breeds, breeders are choosing to get smaller and smaller as the public’s interest in them continues to get larger every year. The smaller the dog, the more people want them as unique and loving best friends. But with small size comes great health concerns.

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Common Knee Problems in Dogs

Jack Russell Terrier RunningImagine you are at the park throwing the ball for your dog, or jogging next to your canine companion. Is he moving his hind quarters freely, easily and comfortably? Stiffness, swelling, favoring and soreness are all common signs of knee problems, and can happen at any age, size or breed of dog. Catching the symptoms the moment you notice them can help your dog have a faster and more complete recovery or healing process from the two most common knee problems; luxating patella and torn or ruptured cranial cruciate ligament.

What is Luxating Patella?

Have you ever had a dislocated joint? Humans often times, at one point in their life, will dislocate their shoulder or a digit. A dog’s luxating patella is a fancy way of saying dislocated knee cap! Caused often from trauma directly to the dog’s knee or genetic predisposition, any breed can be susceptible to the condition. Some breeds, specifically small breeds like Pomeranians and Chihuahuas are more likely to find themselves favoring a back leg.

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Popular Names for Dogs and Cats

Cute Dog and CatHave you ever met a friend’s pet with the same name as your own furry friend’s name? It is possible that you have fallen into the trend of naming your dog or cat one of the most popular pet names. Setting the trend for our canine and feline best friends can come from a variety of places, but most stem from pop-culture icons, scrumptious foods or individual traits. Find out if your pet fits the A-list of popular dog and cat names!

Dog Names

Dogs have been man’s, and woman’s best friend for millennia. Choosing a name for them does more than just give a dog his label, it tells quite a bit about your own personality, likes and ideas. When you introduce your dog to strangers, friends, families and strangers during your walks together you are also telling those people a bit about yourself, all because of your dog’s name! This can spark new friendships and bonds.

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How to Improve Your Pet Photography

Beautiful Kitty CatAs a pet parent, you are adore your furry friends, so what better way of capturing their unique character, then through some pet portraits. Professional Pet Photographers aren’t always feasible, particularly if you have a pet who is not comfortable around new people. As such, below are a few helpful tips and tricks to ensure you can still capture some great pet photos.

  1. Ensure your pet is comfortable with your camera – You camera is a new object, that your pet will most likely want to inspect. It will make new sounds, and a lot of pets may be intimidated with it being pointed towards them, especially if you have a DSLR. Before you start taking your photos, allow some time for your pet to get used to the cameras presence, which will ensure some relaxed photos.
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How to Plan the Perfect Birthday Party for Your Cat

Cute Cats Wearing Birthday Hats

Your Cat Deserves the Perfect Birthday Party

If you have a pet in your life it can be a real blessing in so many ways. A pet definitely brings joy to a home. It can make you laugh when you’re sad or comfort you when you’re stressed out.

Cats make excellent friends and companions. Having a cat for a pet can brighten a person’s emotional and mental state. A cat lover cannot stay in a bad mood for long, especially if a silky, soft cat jumps in their lap and begins to purr.

Because cats are a special part of a cat owner’s life, they should be showered with affection. No better way to shower your cat with affection than to throw it a birthday party, which can be great fun for you and for your other friends who have cats. Even though your cat doesn’t know it’s their birthday, they will have lots of feline fun playing with other cats and getting some new toys and special treats.

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Best Toys for Keeping Your Cat Engaged

Cat Playing With ToyMost indoor cats tend to be under-active. Like people, cats also benefit mentally and physically from keeping fit and active. Exercise is essential because it relieves any stress or boredom your cat may be experiencing, improves its circulation, builds muscle tone, and prevents or alleviates behavioral problems.

Keeping your feline friend engaged with cat toys is easy if you remember to offer them a variety of toys. Of course, like most cats, your cat probably has a favorite toy. However, you can keep them happy by replacing any worn out or old toys with new ones.

An Essential Cat Toy

A toy that all cats love is a scratching post, which is essential to their physical and mental health. Cats need a scratching post for several reasons. They need to stretch their muscles, which they accomplish by hooking onto surfaces to properly extend their arms, back, and shoulder muscles.

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Why Enroll My Puppy in Training Classes?

Dog On LeashDo you have a puppy and are worried they might get out of control at some point? You should consider having them trained. In fact, the earlier the training starts the better it is for the puppy.

Having your puppy attend group classes is a good way to teach your dog how to respond to commands, basic obedience and manners. These classes give you an opportunity to learn how to handle your dog around other people, around other dogs, and in any environment where you need the most control.

A high number of people who own dogs are opting to enroll their dogs in training classes other than training them at home as there are many behavioral and social benefits that are associated to these training programs.

Benefits of Puppy Training Classes

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