Common Health Problems in Cats

Cute Cat With StethoscopeA common misconception is that cats don’t need the vet care that dogs do. Unfortunately, the tale of a cat with nine-lives is all but true. Cats can and do get sick, just like dogs. And as a kitty parent, it’s up to us to make sure they are taken care of. That being said, it is important to know when your cat is sick, as cats have proven themselves very resilient, not showing many symptoms until it’s too late. By knowing the most common signs of the most common health problems your cat may face, you could save her life.

4. Cancer

Cancer is scary, no matter the species. Unfortunately, our little purr-balls are not exempt from this terrifying disease. There are two main types of cancer found in cats. The first is called Lymphosarcoma, and is more commonly referred to as Feline Leukemia. Feline Leukemia, while common, is thankfully tested for early on, so just about any cat you have come in contact with that has been seen by a vet has been tested for it. The chances of you owning a cat or seeing a cat come down with Leukemia is slim.

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How To Choose The Right Dog For Your Family

Group of DogsCongratulations, you’ve decided you want a dog. You’ve decided you want to join the 47% of families who enjoy being pup parents. But what type of dog do you get? It’s a question that’s plagued many dog parent and one that will continue to do so. Many people feel that they should look at certain breeds, however, this can be more problematic than one would assume.

The truth is, there is no perfect breed for a family, as each dog has his own personal identity. He has likes and dislikes, and each member of a certain breed may act different. Yes, some breeds may be less suited for family life (a working breed such as an Australian Shepherd, for example, is a high-demanding dog with a strong herding drive, and may lash out if not properly worked), but the fact remains: it’s not the breed, but the individual that needs to be judged. Instead of looking at breeds, look into personality types that are suited to your family and their lifestyle.

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Dogs and Table Scraps; Is It Really Safe?

Chihuahua Eating Food Off Plate on TableIf you are like many others and don’t eat all that is on your plate at dinner, you may be tempted to slip that last slick of ham under the table for your dog. Those puppy dog eyes, the begging whine and prancing paws all pull at the human’s heart strings and far too often we give in, letting our pets eat unhealthy and potentially dangerous foods. How do you know if those table scrapes are really safe or okay to give your canine companion? There are three key points you should be aware of before tossing your pet anything from your plate.

Dog vs. People Food

Have you ever looked at the ingredient list of your dog’s quality kibble? You will notice that, while many ingredients are recognizable, they are also not something a human would normally eat in the same proportions. This is because a dog needs a higher protein and fat diet in comparison to a human, and they naturally do not eat the cooked meats that we do.

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Finding the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift For Your Dog

Cute Dog With Valentines GiftsOur dogs are loyal members of our families. They share in our joys with happiness and hugs and our darkest times licking away the tears. It’s not uncommon to want to surprise your precious pup with a Valentine’s Day gift like any other devoted family member. However, chocolate is toxic to dogs and, honestly, what would your canine companion want with a bouquet of roses? It’s time to learn what the best Valentine’s Day gifts are on the market for your dog to safely enjoy!

Know Your Pup

If you really want your gift to be something your dog will enjoy, first know your pup and know him well! Is he rambunctious and lively, or does he prefer comfort on a pillowy bed? Does he love the great outdoors or riding along in your purse on short errands? This is a great importance because you don’t want to get your dog a gift he will have no interest in.

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The Importance of Keeping Your Dog Well Groomed

Cute Dog Being GroomedHow many times have you met someone’s dog that just looked like a big tangled mess? Or maybe he smelled terrible, felt greasy and you felt terrible for not wanting to touch him. This is common amongst owners who don’t understand the importance of keeping a pet dog well groomed. It goes far beyond just making a pooch look good, but it directly effects their health, safety and comfort.

Prevent Matting

You can keep your dog from getting the dreaded mat, or dangerously tangled hair simply by thoroughly brushing your dog’s coat with the proper tools. A mat occurs when loose hair, debris and skin dander all clump up together. It becomes hard, and pulls on the dog’s hair. It then grows and grows until it is either brushed our or removed. A dog with a neglected coat can become so terribly matted that he must be shaved down to the skin to save his life from his own hair.

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How To Keep Your Dog’s Skin Healthy

Dog at SpaHealthy skin in a dog is just as important to him as your skin health is to you. Just like humans, dogs can suffer from a variety of skin conditions from infections to parasites and even dander or dry skin. For dog lovers, nothing is more comforting or enjoyable than running your fingers through a soft and clean dog coat with healthy, moisturized skin underneath. By following these easy and simple tips you can make your dog’s skin healthy and keep it that way.

  1. Don’t over wash your pet. A dog that is bathed too often has all of his natural, protective oils stripped from his skin, leaving him itchy and dry. This makes him scratch more than he should, which can lead to open cuts and sores all over his body and opens him up to secondary infections. Aside from those dangers, you also end up with a stronger doggy odor smell from a dog that is washed too often as his body attempts to compensate for the major loss in skin and coat oils. Use puppy bath wipes or waterless shampoos in between your regular washings. The rule of thumb for dog grooming is every 6 to 8 weeks unless he gets into something like mud.
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How To Plan A Dog Wedding

Bulldogs Dressed for WeddingSo your dog is getting hitched and you’re looking for the best doggone options in planning your pooch’s wedding? We’ll throw you a bone and give you a head start on just how to conduct the best dog wedding of the century!

The Location

Before you can even think about invitations, you must think of a location for the ceremony. Will you keep it simple at home, or are you considering inviting the entire local kennel club for a larger event? Your location must be able accommodate your guests, along with their own canine friends to attend your doggy wedding. Plan this location ahead of time so that you can make the required reservations for the date and time you wish to have your pup’s wedding.

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How Often Should I Give My Dog A Bath?

Dog Getting BathThe feel of an oily, dirty coat on a dog is nothing to be happy about when petting him. No one enjoys petting a dirty, smelly dog. We, as dog owners, know this and take steps to keep our pets clean, smelling fresh and feeling great, both for their comfort and for us when we pet them. The typical rule of thumb when it comes to dog bathing is that every 6 weeks is a good number. The thing about rules of thumb is that they don’t fit every dog, every lifestyle and most certainly don’t fit every skin and coat type. Your dog’s individuality and your lifestyle make all the difference in how often, or infrequent you should give your dog a bath.

Smooth Coats

An average American lifestyle will leave our dogs primarily as house pets that only head outdoors to potty and get one walk in for the day as exercise. For a smooth coated dog, or short hair with no under coat just as the Jack Russel Terrier or American Pit Bull Terrier, the 6 week rule of thumb just may apply. That said, it all depends on the size of your smooth coated dog! The smaller the dog, the less baths they need. Bathing too often, especially in these short haired dogs, causes terrible dry skin, itching, flaking or dander and brittle fur. This is because all of their protective natural oils that coat each strand of fur and protects their skin is being washed away. This may also mean that their bodies over compensate for that loss of oil, and will make your dog smell even worse! In between bathing, brush and wipe your pet to eliminate loose fur and odor.

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Ways You Can Get Involved With A Local Animal Rescue Group

Dog With Adopt Me SignIf you are aware of the millions of unwanted pets dying in shelters every day due to a lack of room, love and care you may feel that heroic calling to volunteer and do your part to work towards the final solution that will save the lives of dogs and cats across America. With all the commercials with sad eyed puppies and kittens behind bars, what can you really do to pitch in and help raise the quality of life of shelter pets and help bring an end to pet homelessness?


It may sound obvious, but one of the best things you can do is adopt your next furry friend from a shelter. Bringing a new pet into your life will enhance your own life tremendously. Science now openly states that having a furry pet in the home lowers blood pressure and increases endorphins that relieve stress, uplift your mood and gives you that highly sought after feeling of love! When you adopt a pet from a shelter, you are rescue his life as well as the next pet in line. When your dog or cat leaves his kennel or cage for the last time, a new pet takes his place until he finds a home, keeping him off of the euthanasia table!

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Dangers of Over Vaccinating Your Pet

Dog Getting VaccinationEvery year our pets make that dreaded trip to the vet for his wellness examination and recommended annual vaccinations. Veterinary clinics have become a booming business thanks to these yearly shots that our pets get, but what if the only reason these inoculations are recommended is to help fund the clinic? Fear mongering is the leading cause of over vaccination in dogs today, and it is something many veterinarians are well versed in doing. They help to fuel the fire of fear in pet owners, warning all the deadly dangers of not vaccination. Science and biology however state otherwise, and your pets may be protected for life with only one vaccination.

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