Taking The Stress Out of Dog Nail Clipping

Chihuahua Showing Trimmed NailsClipping a dog’s nails is something most dog owners fear. There are a lot of reasons for this: They’ve either heard stories about clipping too far and causing the nail to bleed, they feel like they don’t know enough about what they’re doing to do it properly, or their lack of confidence makes them worry they are going to hurt their dog.

While those fears are valid and the outcomes are all possible, clipping a dog’s nails doesn’t need to be a terrifying thing. It’s also not the only way to shorten a dog’s nails – grinding is also a viable option, and in some cases, can be easier to do.

Regardless of the method employed, nail maintenance should start when the dog is young so they get used to having their feet handled. Many dogs develop an aversion to having their feet touched, which can make it almost impossible for non-professionals to clip the dog’s nails. Establishing a sense of safety when their feet are touched also generally benefits them throughout life when it comes to grooming, veterinary visits, and general behavior.

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Luxury Gift Ideas For Your Dog

English Bulldog Dressed Like PrincessEveryone wants to spoil their dog, and every dog loves being spoiled. Whether you have a posh pooch or a fetching Fido, you want to treat your pup to something nice occasionally. But what do you get him? Is a simple special meal or new toy good enough? Or is there more you can do? Thankfully, PamperedPawGifts.com has you covered.

Gift Boxes

Picking out individual gifts for a prized pooch can be thoughtful, but why settle for one single item when you can get many in a set? Gift boxes, found under the Luxury Gift section on pamperedpawgifts.com, offer you a way to get your pup an entire menagerie of gifts. For example, if you’ve got a bit of a southern-lovin’ dog, then look no further than the Hot Dog gift basket. Featuring BBQ and Bacon flavored treats, a chill-pill squeaky toy and doggy Red Velvet cake mix, this basket comes delivered in a spicy hot pepper printed box.

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Get Your Pet To The Vet. Signs That Mean Vet Care Is Needed

Dog With StethoscopeHave you ever posted a photo of your dog on a forum or social media group to ask what other dog owners think of your dog’s physical condition? If you read through the replies to such posts, you most likely see a lot of people telling the OP, or original poster, to take that dog to the vet now. That is because while many pet owners never second guess their dog’s condition and will take their dog to a professional for every cough or sneeze, not everyone can afford it. You should be aware of the most common signs that tell you when it really is time to get your dog professional medical help immediately.

Bloat: The Silent Killer

Bloat is one of the most common and fast killing conditions that your dog will need medical care for. No one is really sure exactly what causes it, and dogs of any size or age can get it. Bloat is when the dog’s stomach flips and becomes entangled in his intestines. As a pet owner, how are you to know what this happens? You don’t exactly have an X ray machine on hand. There are some obvious signs, however, that will help you understand you dog’s situation.

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Pets and Carpets

Cute Dog on RugPet lovers will do anything to keep their pets safe and happy. After all, it is the least that you can do since your little furry friend gives you so much in return. However, when it comes to keeping your carpets clean, it is becoming more and more of a challenge every day. From the day that you brought your little puppy home, there have been plenty of accidents along the way, but it is starting to take a toll on how your carpets look and smell.

You’re thinking about getting new carpet in the near future, but worry that the same thing is going to happen with the new carpet. Well, there are ways to love your pet and keep your carpets clean at the same time. The following are a few tips on how to do this successfully the next time around.

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Keep Your Pets Safe During A Natural Disaster or Emergency

Dog With Hair Blowing in WindIt is something no pet parent wants to think about. The stuff of nightmares, even. A natural disaster can strike at any time without fair warning. Tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes and even volcano eruptions can take us by surprise. These deadly situations are just as dangerous for our pets as they are for us. Are you truly prepared to keep your furbabies safe?

Emergency Kit

An emergency kit can sometimes mean the different between life or death when disaster strikes. If you make your own, you will have the supplies necessary for your individual situation and animals. A kit would contain everything in a first aid kit and more. A travel sewing kit, a foldable plastic sack for drinking water, a foldable dish for water for your pets, and much more. You can include canned dog food and an extra leash, poop pick up bags, and any medications your dog may need. From injuries to basic needs, you and your pets can be taken care of with a well thought out emergency kit.

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Dealing With Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Dog Destroying BlanketHandling the aftermath of your dog’s separation anxiety can be a frustrating and seemingly hopeless task. Dogs who suffer severe separation anxiety may destroy furniture or even chew on walls. Many will find comfort in chewing and shredding paper then scattering it across your floor. The truth is that your dog truly is suffering from a terrible, yet natural, anxiety. There is hope for your pup, and you actually can make a difference.

Anxiety Easing Products

Many products on the market are meant specifically to help your dog feel better about being left alone, and really can help his anxiety subside. When your dog is calm and at ease, the less destruction you will find when you come home.

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Tips for Traveling With Your Dog

Dog Dressed Like PilotNo one wants to board their dog or leave them home during travel, but tossing your dog into your car or walking him onto a plane is not as easy as it may sound. You need to prepare yourself and your dog for travel to prevent running into some devastating problems that you could have avoided to begin with.

Vet Up

If you are traveling across state lines or out of the country, you are not the only one that needs a health clearance. Your dog must be up to date on the required vaccines in accordance to your destination. Furthermore, it is law that your dog must have a certificate of health from a licensed veterinarian in order to travel out of state at all. Even more importantly is that the certificate you obtain cannot be more than 10 days old from the time you begin traveling. If you or your dog are found to be without this information on hand, your dog could end up in a holding facility for quarantine to prevent the spread of any diseases he may, or may not have. Skip all the hassle by simply getting your dog a check up at his vet.

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Bringing Home a New Kitten

Cute Kitten
Getting a new kitten can be an exciting yet stressful time. That cute little face, those adorable little paws, the tiny little mews. All of these things are what you are looking forward to when you bring your new family member home. There are worries as well. You’re worried that you might not be ready. Are you going to be a good cat parent? Will you do everything right? Are you ready at all?

Fear not. There are steps you can take to ensure your little kitty will be safe and happy at her new home. Just make sure your family plans ahead, buys the right things and things will go smoothly.

Planning Ahead

The first thing you should be doing is start planning for your new family member. Remember, a cat is a lifelong responsibility, so don’t take the first few weeks lightly. You need to ensure that your new kitten will have as stress free of a time as possible. Start planning the simple things. Go ahead and schedule the first vet visit, and if possible, the first follow-up. This way you don’t have to stress yourself out trying to get an appointment after you already have the kitten. It’s just as important that you remain as stress free as possible, as your stress will be picked up by the new addition, and she can become stressed as well.

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Am I Ready to Be a Dog Parent?

Golden Retriever47% of all families own a dog. It’s a staggering statistic, especially considering so many of these families don’t ask themselves before hand “Am I ready to be a dog parent?” Most people, unfortunately, look at a dog and think “It’s just a dog, and I’m it’s owner.” They don’t take into consideration that the dog is now part of the family, and it’s a lifetime commitment.

The sad part is, the dogs are the ones who suffer for it, while the human “owners” rarely suffer any of the consequences. Even worse, is often the owners don’t realize they aren’t ready. They don’t realize the commitment, time and financial, that goes into having a dog be a part of the family.

It’s important, when thinking about dog parenting, to ask yourself some questions. Are you ready for the financial commitment? Are you ready for the time commitment? Are you emotionally ready to add a dog to your family? Before answering, you need to consider your answer and weigh them against facts to ensure you are truly ready for a dog.

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Help! My Dog Eats His Own Poop!

Dog Reading Newspaper on ToiletEating fecal matter is not only unacceptable in human society, but is also a common behavior seen by dog owners. It’s unappealing and flat out gross according to the pet parents who bear witness to their pooches’ shocking habit, but there is hope for you if your dog is eating poop. First, understanding the reasons behind coprophagia, the act of eating fecal matter, will help you better understand how to stop and prevent it today.

Why Does My Dog Eat Poop?

There may be many reasons why dogs eat it, but there is no way around it, it’s gross. To the dog, however, he may be fulfilling an instinctual need. In the wild, wolves, coyotes, foxes and other canis are hunters and scavengers. When they hunt, they eat all of the animal. This includes the gut, and whatever the animal ate and processed. Yes, even the poop. As scavengers, they also eat anything they can find that had any nutrients and could sustain them. This includes the fecal matter of other animals and even their own.

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