5 Things You Should Know About Pet Ear Care

Written by Dr Helen Burns

Dog and cat owners often ask vets about caring for their pet’s ears. The truth of the matter is that normal healthy ears are remarkably self sufficient. They are designed with their own self cleaning mechanism. It is only when this fails that we need to intervene.

How do ears stay clean naturally?

Our pets’ ears are lined with skin that is similar to that on their ear flap. Vet Examining Ears of DogThis skin contains glands that secrete waxy and oily material that combines with shed skin cells to form what we know as ear wax. Remarkably, for something that seems so simple, ear wax plays two very important roles.

Firstly, it keeps the ear drum soft and moist. Have you ever wondered what happens to all that dirt in your pet’s ears after it rolls around on the ground? Well, ear wax traps foreign material that gets into the ears, such as dust and dirt, then the skin cells lining the ear move the wax up and out of the ear like a conveyor belt. Thanks to this process, ear wax doesn’t build up in normal healthy ears.

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What to Expect When Adopting a Special Needs Pet

Dog in WheelchairIt’s hard not to fall for the underdog, and pets with special needs tend to tug on our heartstrings the hardest, of course. Although it can be rewarding to give that special creature a loving forever home, caring for a pet with unique needs isn’t for the fainthearted; in fact, it usually means that these pets require a lot of extra time, patience, and often a change in your normal routine to accommodate their needs. For those animal lovers who are determined to open their hearts and arms, here’s what you should be prepared to do when you’re adopting that special cat or dog.

Do Your Research

What specific problems or needs does your new pet have? Do they need medication, prescription food, special training, or a particular home care routine? Although Dr. Google is where many people turn to for advice, it’s better to talk with professionals like your veterinarian, behaviorist, and staff at the rescue or shelter that you’re adopting from. Ask about what the future may hold for your pet, especially if they have a chronic disease that affects their long term health.

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How to Care for Your Blind Dog

Blind ChihuahuaIt’s natural that many dog lovers would be upset by the prospect of their beloved friend becoming blind, and regardless of the initial cause of vision loss, it can be especially hard to watch when our dogs are confused or distressed by such a major change. It’s also not unusual for owners to feel completely unprepared to care for a blind dog, and many might think that this is the end of their dog’s enjoyment in life. Take heart, however – though the transition can be difficult for dogs at first, most of them adapt very well, and with our assistance, they learn to get around almost as well as before, allowing them to continue living rich and happy lives.

To begin with, it’s important to realize that every dog might react differently to becoming blind – some easygoing pups might take it in stride and adjust within a matter of a week or two, while others go through a period of withdrawal or even depression at the beginning. Here are the basics when beginning to care for your non-visual friend.

  1. Make their home safe and secure. Protecting your pup from danger is essential right from the very start, since falls and inadvertent blunders are a possibility. Block off access to pools, use gates to restrict your dog’s access to stairs, and bump-proof sharp edges and corners that your dog might walk into. If you’re not able to supervise your dog as they’re adjusting, keep them in a secure crate or limited area to prevent them from getting into troublesome situations.
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Beat the Heat: Summer Safety Tips for Your Dog

Dog Keeping Cool With FanWe humans may love the summer sun, but our four-legged friends can have a tough time staying cool – could you imagine wearing a fur coat on the beach? Hot or intensely humid weather can be dangerous for our dogs, and there are some particular hazards that we need to keep our pups safe from when the weather gets warm.

Beat the Heat

  • Hot paws! Asphalt heats up very quickly in the sun, and can cause painful burns to your dog’s pads. Walk your dog on grass instead of pavement, put protective boots on, or even carry them when needed.
  • Exercise your furry friend during the cooler times of day, like early mornings or evenings, and keep in mind that they may need more breaks for water and rest than usual.
  • Don’t forget the sunscreen. Light colored or thinly-haired dogs can easily become sunburnt – ask your vet about dog-friendly sunscreen to use on your pup’s skin.
  • Very senior dogs, overweight pooches and short-nosed Pugs and Bulldogs can very easily become distressed in the heat and might even have problems breathing well. In extreme temperatures, these pups are best kept safely inside where it’s cool.
  • Leave your dog at home when you’re running errands. The inside of a car can reach dangerous temperatures in just a few minutes, even with the windows cracked on a mild day. Hot cars kill pets.

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For the Sake of Seniors: Caring for Your Elderly Pet

Senior DogNo pet owner wants their best friend to get older. For most of us, our pets are truly four-legged family members, and as they enter their golden years, we’re faced with the fact that sadly, they won’t be with us forever. Many of our pets change as they become seniors, too – sometimes they’re sore and stiff, or they don’t want to chase the ball or bat that mouse around like they once did as a puppy or kitten. It can be frustrating for us when we call their name over and over, only to realize one day that they’re not coming because they can’t hear us. Take heart, though – some of the best memories of your pet can emerge from these later years, and with your help and support, your furry friend can still live a rich, full and comfortable life as a spoiled senior. Here’s a few of our top tips to guide you in caring for your senior pet.

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A Healthy Behind: A Guide to Your Dog’s Anal Gland Health

Cute Bulldog ButtAnal glands – many dog owners have no idea what they are, what they’re used for, or even what issues may arise with these small organs. Here’s a brief guide to two of the most infamous body parts your dog may possess.

So, what are these things in the first place? The anal glands are two small, grape-sized sacs that are located under the skin on either side of your dog’s anus. They contain a strong smelling, yellow-brown fluid which is released through small ducts when your pet has a bowel movement. It’s thought that the secretions of the anal glands are a way for dogs to mark territory when they have a poop, although it’s common for many canines to release anal gland fluid when they’re frightened.

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Gift Baskets for Dogs: Something for Every Occasion

Chihuahua in Gift BoxGetting a present for your dog can sometimes prove to be difficult. But fear not, you can get your dog something he will enjoy no matter what. Gift baskets for dogs are readily available and provide plenty for your pooch pal to love. Not only the dog will enjoy it, either. Gift baskets are fun for the whole family, and are an excellent way to bond with your dog. When is the best time to get a gift basket? Anytime is good for a present, but like humans, there are big moments in a dog’s life that should be celebrated. That’s where Pampered Paw Gifts comes in.

New Puppy Celebration

Are you bringing home a new puppy? Congratulations. Pretty soon that little pup will be playfully making his way into your heart. Welcome him into your home with the Welcome Home Sweet Pooch gift basket. This gift basket comes with a bag of gourmet doggie treats and a ceramic bowl, which is for dogs only with the word Woof right on the front. Your choice of peanut butter treats (with the green bowl) or cheese (with the orange bowl).

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Choosing The Best Litter Box For Your Cat

Cat in Litter BoxIf you have an indoor kitty, then you have the need for the right litter box. Not all cats like all styles, and not all styles are a good match for your life style. Sometimes you just need that extra help of convenience in easy cleaning or perhaps a larger size for multiple cats.

Roll ‘n’ Clean Litter Box

If scooping your cat’s waste is not your cup of tea, then this self cleaning box may be what you need. Large enough for a multi cat household but small enough for tight spaces, this litter box has its own method of cleaning with a simple roll. Simply tilt the box on its side, and keep rolling onto it’s roof. Roll it back to set in its original position and your kitty now has clean litter to potty in.

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Great Summer Items for Cooling Off Your Pooch

Dog Cooling Off in Tub of WaterThe dog days of summer fast approach and the hot summer sun creates sweltering conditions for you and your dog. While you may have a cold bottle of water that you can drink from to keep yourself cool and hydrated, your dog is relying on you to keep him safe and comfortable, too. With just a few items from Pamperpawgifts.com, your dog can be as happy in the summer sun as you.

Cooling Coat

A stylish coat can be cool in two ways. Your dog will look cool while staying cool on a warm summer day. If you are planning a hike at your nearest state park, an outdoor dog show or other activities, this cooling coat may be the one thing you really need to keep your dog happy, comfortable and safe from heat exhaustion.

The coat works by cooling your dog’s chest and back, and attaches with an adjustable collar and belt. Making the heat of the day more tolerable and enjoyable for your dog, you will have peace of mind knowing he is not stressed over the uncomfortable and dangerous heat.

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Keeping Your Dog Mentally & Physically Active

Dog Lifting WeightsHave you ever dealt with the aftermath of a bored dog? Dogs with too much bottled up energy and not enough mental stimulation can result in destructive behaviors including chewing, barking and digging. Why set yourself and your dog up for failure by not providing the physical and mental exercise he really craves? Pamperedpawgifts.com makes it easy for even the busiest dog parent to give their pooch what they deserve.

Solo Ball Play

Dogs love to chase balls. It’s a part of their genetic make up to have a prey drive which, as a domesticated pet, turns into ball drive. That is why you see so many dogs in love with tennis balls and the game of fetch. But, after a long day of work, or school not every pet parent is up to taking their dog outside for a vigorous game of fetch, or even a long walk or jog to burn off their energy.

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