Why Cats Need Cat Furniture

Cat Furniture Is Necessary for A Healthy, Happy Cat

Cat on Cat TowerIf you reside in a suburban area or in the countryside, then you probably allow your cat to go outside, in which case cat furniture is not a necessity. However, if you do not allow your cat to venture outside or you live in a city and your cat stays inside all the time, then you and your feline friend can both benefit from cat furniture.

Why Your Cat Needs Cat Furniture

Following are some reasons an indoor cat needs furniture of its own.

  • Scratching – A cat naturally likes to scratch. Most people think that when a cat scratches it is trying to sharpen or trim its claws. What it is actually doing is shedding its claws. When a cat scratches your furniture or a scratching post, it leaves the outer layer of the claw behind which encourages new growth.
  • Romping and climbing – Your cat’s natural instinct is to jump, climb, hide, and chase. To survive in the wild cats need to hunt and kill prey. This natural behavior still dominates how your pet cat acts indoors.
  • Napping – cats sleep up to sixteen hours a day. Therefore, they love a safe and warm place to sleep rather than a loud or stressful place.

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Benefits of Pet Strollers

Pet Strollers Offer Benefits to Both Pets and Owners

Possibly you have seen a person in the park pushing what appeared to be a baby stroller, except it was actually a pet stroller with a dog or cat riding in it. You probably thought the person was an over-zealous pet lover pampering his favorite feline or puppy dog pet. Of course, there are people who like to spoil their pets; however, there are practical reasons for using a pet stroller.

Benefits of Pet Strollers

Strollers have revolutionized how and where pet lovers can take their dogs or cats with them, offering several advantages over standard carriers or leashes. The clearest advantage is that when walking or jogging with your dog, you can more easily push a stroller than risk becoming tangled in a leash or having to struggle with the weight of a handheld carrier.

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A Pet ID Tag Can Help Bring Your Pet Back Home Safely

Many people think of their pets as a member of the family. Losing a beloved pet even temporarily can be devastating. Many pet owners even buy their “furry children” Christmas gifts and cute little sweaters to keep them warm and make sure they have soft beds to sleep in.

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