Gift Basket Ideas for Cat Lovers

Cat Lovers Deserve a Cat Lover’s Gift Basket

meowYou may have heard this clever saying, “Dog is God spelled backwards.” Regardless of the implications of this dog-lovers’ saying, facts back up the claim that cats really were once worshiped as gods. Unfortunately there is no empirical data to support this additional comment, “. . . and cats have never forgotten.”

Only cat lovers, also known as ailurophiles, have plenty of anecdotal evidence pointing to a cat acting like a god. It is said that dogs have owners, while cats have a staff, which says a lot about how cats require cat lovers to cater to their needs.
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New Puppy Gift Basket Ideas

A Gift Basket is a Treat for Any New Puppy

New Puppy Gift Basket at Pampered Paw GiftsWhether it’s a gift for Christmas, or for a birthday, or just because you couldn’t resist, one of the most exciting presents is a cute little puppy. It might be a pedigreed pup, or a rescue dog that someone adopted from a shelter, or just a mutt that was advertised in the classified ads section as free to good home.

Regardless of where the little dog came from, more than likely it is simply adorable. After it gets to know its new owner and feels comfortable in its new home, it will probably be playful and make people laugh and want to cuddle it.

Unless the previous owner neglected or abused the dog and as a result it is shy or timid, a new puppy is normally a whirlwind of excitement. It will be quite entertaining and bring a lot of joy and energy to the family. It undoubtedly will be wriggling and darting about, jumping and licking, wagging its tail, and squirming in order to get down when it’s held.
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Thoughtful Get Well Gift Ideas For Dogs

Get Well Dog TreatsFew things can cause a dog owner more stress than when their dog has something wrong with it. Since dogs cannot speak, it’s difficult to know what the problem is or if the condition requires a veterinarian’s attention.

If it is a minor sickness or injury, treatment may only require over-the-counter medication. On the other hand, surgery may be required for various reasons like spaying, cataract surgery, etc.

In any event, dealing with a sick dog can be demanding and heart wrenching. Seeing a friend you care about distressed over her sick or injured dog leaves you wondering what you can do to make either of them feel better. Therefore, you may want to get that person and her dog a special gift to let them know you are thinking of both of them.
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Looking for Personalized Pet Toy Boxes?

Benefits of a Personalized Pet Toy Box

If you have a pet and it’s a dog, then you know that when it’s a puppy – or even as a grown dog – it can destroy every pair of your shoes by chewing on them just for sheer entertainment. Some grown dogs, but puppies in particular, will not only chew up your favorite pair of shoes, they will chew on wires, your favorite piece of furniture, or anything else they can get at.

This type of behavior is exasperating not to mention expensive. However, by investing in some doggie chew toys you can successfully deter this potentially destructive behavior and save yourself a lot of stress.

As with most everything on the market nowadays, there are tons of choices. There are all sorts of doggie toys beyond just balls to chase, bones to chew, and furry little toys to shake to smithereens.
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Christmas Treats for Dogs

Christmas Treats For DogsIf you feel the same way that most dog parents do, then your pet is like a member of the family. So, at Christmastime your dog deserves a special treat to celebrate the holiday season.

Even though you have spent weeks preparing for Christmas morning, making the perfect candies and cookies for everyone to enjoy, your four-legged friend also needs a delicious holiday treat. However, not all treats are good for your dog.

Most dog owners will agree that a healthy dog is a happy dog. Of course, canine nutrition is the number one contributing factor in making sure your dog remains in a healthy condition. With most dogs, keeping them healthy is as simple as watching what you feed them, which includes healthy doggy treats.

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Dogs

Don’t Forget Your Best Friend This Christmas

Even though Christmas is just around the corner, you may still be working on selecting the perfect gifts for your family and friends. Hopefully, this year you have remembered to get something for everyone in your family and all your special friends.

Last Christmas carefully wrapped presents circled the tree as your family surrounded it to open packages. It was then that you realized you did not get anything for your dogs. Remembering to add your doggie friends’ names to your Christmas list will relieve you of a lot of guilt on Christmas morning.

Last year your loyal canine friends sat obediently by your side, watching with anticipation as presents passed within inches of their noses. Yet not one gift was for them, producing an unforgettable moment that is anything but a pleasant reminder.

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Choosing the Perfect Birthday Cake for Your Dog

Carob Swirl CakeIf you’re planning a birthday celebration for your dog and planning on getting them a cake for the special day, there are a couple of questions you’ll need to answer to ensure you choose the right birthday cake for your dog.

First of all you’ll need to know what flavors your dog likes because you’ll want to look for cakes that have those ingredients in them.

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How to Plan the Perfect Birthday Party for Your Dog

Planning The Perfect Birthday Party For Your Dog

Dog Birthday PartyIf you have decided to throw a birthday party for your dog, you are not alone among worldwide dog lovers. Instead you are among a number of pet owners around the world who in recent years have embraced this increasingly popular event.

What Exactly Is A Dog Birthday Party?

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Benefits of Organic Treats for Dogs and Cats

Organic Treats for Dogs and Cats Have Many Benefits

Sundae Cake BitesPeople give treats to their dogs and cats for a variety of reasons. Some people give treats to reward their pets’ behavior or to encourage training. Other people simply want to pamper their pets. For instance, dog owners normally reward their pets for performing a task they are trying to teach their pet.

It is considerably easier to train dogs to obey commands or perform tricks if you reward them with a tasty treat. On the other hand, cats show very little interest in these kinds of activities. Even being presented with their favorite treat usually does not motivate a cat to respond to learning tricks or complying with obedience training.

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Why Cats Need Cat Furniture

Cat Furniture Is Necessary for A Healthy, Happy Cat

Cat on Cat TowerIf you reside in a suburban area or in the countryside, then you probably allow your cat to go outside, in which case cat furniture is not a necessity. However, if you do not allow your cat to venture outside or you live in a city and your cat stays inside all the time, then you and your feline friend can both benefit from cat furniture.

Why Your Cat Needs Cat Furniture

Following are some reasons an indoor cat needs furniture of its own.

  • Scratching – A cat naturally likes to scratch. Most people think that when a cat scratches it is trying to sharpen or trim its claws. What it is actually doing is shedding its claws. When a cat scratches your furniture or a scratching post, it leaves the outer layer of the claw behind which encourages new growth.
  • Romping and climbing – Your cat’s natural instinct is to jump, climb, hide, and chase. To survive in the wild cats need to hunt and kill prey. This natural behavior still dominates how your pet cat acts indoors.
  • Napping – cats sleep up to sixteen hours a day. Therefore, they love a safe and warm place to sleep rather than a loud or stressful place.

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