4 Creative Ways You & Your Dog Can Get Fit

Getting outside and having fun with your beloved pooch is a great idea. You’ll both enjoy some healthy exercise, an increased level of fitness, a decreased waist line and most importantly you two will be able to make the most of your time together. But, instead of performing the same old exercises or activities over and over again, why not spice things up? Keep reading as we hope to unravel and open your mind to the many different and exciting ways you can get fit with your favorite pet.

Attend a Dog/Owner Fitness Class

Some communities have exercise classes where dogs and their owners get together and exercise. One example is a dog boot camp, whereby dogs and owners are led through exercises which are fun for both to do. While every community may not have these classes, plenty of them do these days and they are a really fun way to socialize with other dog owners, as you work out alongside your pet.

Try Surfing With Your Dog

Dogs are surfing with their owners nowadays and you can do it too, that is if you are adventurous enough. While it sounds a bit silly, our list is all about the creative ways to exercise with a pet, so don’t hesitate to put your dog on your surfboard and go out surfing. But be careful as some dogs are more open to this than others. If your dog naturally loves to frolic in water, then they will most likely enjoy this experience, whereas other dogs that bark and growl at water aren’t suitable for this exercise.

If your one of the lucky owners with a dog that loves the water/surf then you should start learning how to train your dog to surf. You should be able to find videos and instructions on the web on how to ‘surf it up’ with your dog. Furthermore, as dog surfing videos have gone viral in the past, there is a growing community that actively meet up and surf with their dogs, if you are interested be sure to find and reach out to similar groups in your local community.

Go Skateboarding

If you want to do a new physical activity with your dog and you need inspiration, consider going skateboarding with your dog. If your dog will fit onto a typical skateboard or a long-board, he or she will be able to go for a little ride. But, you should always consider safety and make sure you both are wearing protective gear, such as a helmet, knee and elbow pads. As well, don’t put your dog at risk. Make sure that the skateboard moves at a safe rate of speed. As with the other creative forms of exercise found here, it’s possible to find videos and instructional information about dogs skateboarding with their owners at YouTube and other places.

Carry Your Pet

Not every dog is a marathon runner, after a few play and fetch exercises they can become quite tired. This is where you can alternate running with carrying. Start by letting your dog run, walk and play around, when they are tired pick them up give them a little cuddle and carry on walking. Not only is it a great bonding experience with your dog, but depending on how heavy they are you might also be toning your arms. After a short period they will be energized and ready to do it all over again. But, as much fun as it sounds, unfortunately not all dogs enjoy to be carried, if yours does not, it’s okay try one of the above activities instead.

Try Our Creative Workouts Today

Forget the usual leashed walks, Frisbee and free run at a dog park. Now that you know some of the creative ways that you can spruce up your next workout with, it is time to give them a go. It’s all about choosing a truly fun and unique form of exercise, and experiencing the results. While some of these forms of exercise may seem a bit wacky, people are definitely doing them with their dogs. The fact that it is something new and exciting will get your dog’s tail wagging again.

These exercises also give you the opportunity to get more serious about your fitness, weight loss or toning of your body. Try combining our suggestions with a calorie deficient diet and a fat burning protein powder like this one. The diet will limit the amount of calories you eat each day, helping you lose weight. While the fat burning protein powder will assist with your metabolism and help you tone those muscle you have worked out.

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